“Erin Brockovich” Reviewed by Charis B.

Based on the true story, the movie Erin Brockovich tells the unbelievable story about an ordinary woman who unravels the truth behind a small town whose water is being poisoned by a multi-billion dollar corporation called PG&E. It ended in a huge lawsuit with them winning and the residents getting 333 million dollars.

Erin Brockovich is a single mother of three who couldn’t keep a job. One day she gets into a car accident with a doctor who wasn’t paying attention and brings it to court but the doctor wins ends up winning the court case. She then finds a way to convince her lawyer to give her a job at his law firm. She works there and begins looking into the Hinkley case. As she looked further into it, the information didn’t seem to add up. She goes to the town and talks to the residents who seem to be having problems with their health. PG&E is responsible for the people’s health problems and Erin searches for old documents but soon realizes from a man in a bar that they made those documents be destroyed. Erin finally had enough information to bring it to court to file the lawsuit. PG&E had to pay the residents dividedly with 333 million dollars.

Erin Brockovich showed tremendous leadership in this movie (and obviously in real life) by looking into this small town when no one else did. She discovered something that could have possibly killed many people. She kept researching and asking questions even when her boss told her not to. She showed a lot of courage when dealing with the PG&E people and never gave up. She took matters into her own hands and got people involved and did everything in her power to help these people out who were being lied to and poisoned. She was the top leader in getting those residents what they needed when they were being lied to.

I would definitely recommend this movie to others. It was really good and it was very interesting and kept you on your feet wanting you to keep watching until the end to see what the outcome would be. It also showed good leadership and courage of a normal woman and the struggles that you have to go through sometimes, to get the truth.


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  1. Great movie choice and very interesting review. I think Erin B. really shows us how individuals can make difficult choices to stand up for what’s right–and the consequences (both good and bad) of those choices. Kate

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